Certificates can be created to represent your organisation. They are one of the fast and automated ways to reward your users who have assisted at the event. When a certificate is assigned to an event or training, the certificate will be available to download in the event history or completed training section. A certificate can also be allocated through an Automation or by an admin in bulk on the user listing or by user profile.

Go to Users > Reward & Recognition > Certificates



Once in the Certificates page:

1. Click Create

2. Add a Name (This will be visible to the user)

3. Select paper size, orientation and Background image

Note:- The background image should be the same paper size and orientation to ensure it look correct.

5.  Click Add Text to add a message. You can use the mail button to add system and custom user attributes.


6. Once text has been added you can make amendments to color, font and location


Note:- Any content changes made will be shown once the certificate is saved.

7. (Optional) Click Is Default if this is your only template

8. Click Save

Once the certificate is saved you will be able to download a preview of the certificate. The certificate will appear on the completed section or if allocated manually in the Rewards section to be downloaded

Event certificate


Training Certificate


Reward assigned certificate