Rosterfy Online Support Policy

In an effort to provide continued transparency and the best customer experience, we’ve put together this summary of our current Support processes and new tools for you to be aware of:

Online Support Portal

Should you need to raise a support ticket for our support team or need to escalate a bug, your first step is to raise a ticket via your online support portal (Zendesk). At the top right corner of your admin console, follow the link to raise a support ticket or visit our knowledge base. 


When followed, these steps ensure we capture, assess and action the required support steps in a timely manner due to a wider coverage across our global client support team. We also utilise this portal to review our support metrics for ongoing improvements. If tickets are raised via email or a call directly to your Client Success representative, we cannot ensure the same level of timeliness or accuracy in our support. As a result, we will continue to encourage you to raise a ticket in this manner. 

Below are a number of tools and functions in place to ensure we support you as quickly and accurately as possible.

How to Article 'Answer Bot' 

Our Support portal has undergone an advancement recently including the use of an AnswerBot within your online Support Portal. Now when you search for a key term, you will be provided a list of related articles instantly. A big time saver!

Dedicated Support Email

In case you weren’t aware, you can raise a ticket direct to our Client Success team by emailing This will trigger a ticket for our global team to respond most efficiently and accurately.  

Online Support Articles

Our online Support articles are being updated and revised regularly, everything you need to know will be within your reach in a couple of clicks. If there is information you cannot find, please email and we will update! 

Product Updates

Along with improvements to our Support processes, each fortnight we are releasing exciting new product features and enhancements. You can read about these here:

As we continue to strive to improve our level of client support, we thank you for following the above processes and working with us to support you best.