Phrases section allow you to update the system default text within Rosterfy to fit your program and how you display text with your admin users and users. It is important to remember that this for renaming phrases on the Portal and also Admin Console. If you would like to customise a registration form attribute, see Managing Attributes

You can update the terms of your Rosterfy account by

  1. Click Communication
  2. Select Portal Content 
  3. Click Terms



There you will see all of the different areas where you can change the system default Terms.

To update a term, you will need to first turn the Use default? toggle off. Then you will be able to update each term individually. 

Click through each tab to update the relevant terms. 

Once you make updates, you will see the confirmation message at the top of the page. You will need to refresh the page to see your changes. 


Terms can be used for translating the system defaults for the organization. Other translation can be done when adding a new language in the Organization Settings