How do I create a report?


Creating a report is quick and simple. This feature allows you to filter your data and download a customised Excel or CSV file at your convenience. A number of reports are available to you and below we have outlined the process to follow: 

1. Click the 'Reports' tab in the top search bar:


Create Report

2.  Click the 'Create' button

3. Enter your report a name & select the type of default report you would like to generate.


There are 6 default report templates that can be generated:

All Users

A report of all User attributes information. I e. Rosterfy Id, Name,Email Birthdate, Shirt Size etc depending on the information collecting upon User input to Rosterfy.

All Events

A report of all Event attributes. I e . Application open close dates, event start/end date etc. 

All Event Shifts

A ll Event Shift attribute.

Ie. Shift start/end time, Location. Published Yes/No.

All Event Shift Users

All Event Shift attributes that have been completed by the user

Ie. Defined Event name, Event Start/End date, Shift User status (Confirmed, Pending etc) and any completed shift attributes

All Role Offers

All Role Offers that have been created and provide an overview for your Role Offers. You can filter 2 parameters that are Role Offer name & if the Role Offer has been published.

All Role Offer User All Role user responses. You can select 2 parameters that include Role Offer Name and the Status of Users within that Role Offer (Pending, Accepted, Rejected)

4) Select the File Type to download. Either a Excel file or CSV file. 

Note:- Media File Toggle - Will download all media files associated to your report.

5) Click 'Next' to continue to set the Filters.

Filter Page

6. Use the filters to refine the information of your report. Example of Event User Parameter page:


7. Once you have selected the parameters for the data to be generated, click Next.

Define Data to Pull

8. Set the attributes for the report. For example, below is a list of User data that can be downloaded. (This data will vary depending on the information collected).


8. Click 'Save'. 

Now kick back and relax while your  Report is generated.  It will be quick, we promise! 

Downloading Your Report

Upon returning to the main report page, you will see a list of reports and their status. The status will show:

Processing - The means the system is busy generating the report. Please wait while this takes place. It is safe to navigate away from this page and you will receive an email once the report has completed generating.

Download - Once processing is complete, the Download button in blue will appear. It is now safe to download your report to Excel of CSV.