Availability Calendar

Go to Settings > Pages & Phrases > Portal > Enable 'Show Shift Calendar'


End users can access their availability calendar within the 'My Profile' section of their portal.




By clicking the calendar icon, your end users will then be directed to their calendar.    Screen_Shot_2019-08-16_at_1.40.36_pm.png




Click on a specific date to enter your unavailability with dates, times and a description: 



There will also be notifications for end users if they try to apply for a shift that clashes with an unavailability:



Administrators will also have full visibility of each users unavailability within the user profile Event Involvement tab. There will also be notifications if you try to schedule a user who is marked as unavailable, therefore be sure to keep an eye out for these, but know that you will be able to use the Admin Override if need be. 

 You will be able to update the 'Instructions for Calendar' text in Settings > Pages & Phrases.


Download Shifts:

Users also have the ability to download their shifts, by clicking on the download icon 

(located to the right of the month). They will then be prompted to input the dates of the shift period. 







Add to Calendar:

The User can add their shifts to their personal calendar by selecting on their shift shown on the calendar.


Once the shift is selected, the calendar options will appear above.




The user can also add their schedule direct to their personal calendar by selecting the calendar icon under the 'My Roles' section and downloading.