Search User

The advanced search function allows you to search through your database to find certain demographics and individuals, by a range of criteria.

Go to Users > Search Users

The Advanced Search page should appear as below: 


Choose The Search: Account, Event and Search Location. You can also choose a past search to re-load.

Search Account

Run a search for multiple default and custom fields using search terms and unique logics.

After generating an Account Search, you can then choose to Email, SMS. Export, choose a Group Action (Update Checkpoint) or save the users in this search to a new or existing group. These option will appear at the top of the search results: 




Search Event

Search a specific event and filter by category and further search fields.

Search Location

Searching by location allows you to search for users by their listed postcode. After running a search, there will be an option available to 'View all users on map' in the top right hand corner as below: 


By clicking the grey button you will be able to view snap shot by country of where your users are located. The 'View all users on map' page should appear in a new tab as below: 




Note: Check the 'Past Searches' option in the top-right of your screen to come back to effective searches that you have previously used.