Account Settings


Here you can set the overall 'look and feel' of your account. This section is very customisable, so we recommend taking the time to utilise the range of features at your fingertips. 

You will notice 7 tabs at the top of the page: Account, Social Media, Reminders, Administrators, Check In Setup, Rosterfy Settings and Photo Settings. 

Let’s start with the Account tab!


The fields you can customise here are:

Account Name

This will be your public company/organisation or event name.

Email address

This is the dedicated email address that shows your users where the email is coming from. It is also the email address that any reply emails will go to once you send an email from the system.

You will need to add DNS records to complete setting up your sending domain. Your IT Support / Technology team will know how to do this. Find out more here


Your organisation’s or event’s website can be inputted here. This will default as a link within your email banner.

Phone Number

This is a contact number for your organisation. 

Show Contact Us in portal

This toggle allows you to add your contact details at the bottom of the user portal in which users can easily get in contact with you if need be.

Analytics Tracking Code

If you would like to measure the traffic that your Rosterfy portal is receiving, include this link in your Google Analytics.

Google Tag Number

To assist in Google Analytics tracking. 

Default Time zone

This is the time zone where your primary employee using the system will be based. If your head office is based on the eastern coast of Australia, please add AEST time.

Account Colour

Insert the color of your PRIMARY account colour. This will be used within the general volunteer portal (headings, footers, etc.) and also for the basic emails that are sent from the system i.e. Welcome emails. Note: These colours will not be used when users apply for events.

Heading Font & Page Content Font

You have plenty of options to choose from here. If that's not enough - upload your own! 

Secondary Account Color

 Insert the color of your SECONDARY account colour. This will be used minimally through your account on functions such a buttons and links


Choose your organisation’s or event’s logo to include here. Your logo is shown on the login page and in the footer. (Recommended size 300px x 150px)

Background Image

 Shown on all static pages, including registration page. (Recommended size 1920px x 1080px, minimum size 1024px x 768px)

Map icon

Shown on all maps showing event/shift location. (Recommended size 95px x 60px, minimum size 40px x 20px)

Please see an example below:


Portal Background Image

This image is positioned behind the main portal page.  (Recommended size 1920px x 1080px, minimum size 1024px x 768px) 

Training for all users

If all users of your portal must complete a standard training module, include that here. This will then appear for all users to complete within their portal page, no matter what event format they have applied.

Once you have completed the Account page, ensure to hit save! Please note you can emend these at any point. Now to the Social Media tab.

Social Media

On this page you can include Facebook, Twitter and Instagram links for your organisation here. 

Once again, ensure you hit save before proceeding to the next account tab, Reminders. 


On this tab you can enable automated registration emails, shift reminders and automated confirm/withdraw emails. Find out more here



Here you can see a list of the administrators to your Rosterfy account. You can also upgrade an existing user to have administrator rights or add a new administator that is not on your database. Find out more here

Check In Setup

Customize check in mode by adding questions, checkpoints and system fields that will appear and be available on check in mode. 



if you are going to use check in mode (daily checkin version), you will need to create a token which is used to login. You can then make the token live when required. Find out more here

Rosterfy Settings

Toggle on what stats you want to see in your event and shift lists then hit save! 

 Show Shift Category

Enable this setting to allow your shift categories to appear within a shift list and on a users profile on the event involvement tab.

Confirmation Limit

Set the number of days before and event that Users will be able to see pending and confirmed Shifts in their My Roles section of their portal. 

Lockout Limit

Control the number of hours before shift start time that users will be able to change or withdraw from their shift. 

Show Time Visual Feedback on Shift List

The visual feedback is a line underneath each shift title showing the time of day that the shift covers as a percentage of the day.

Show Date Filter On Event Page

Allow event applicants to filter shifts by date.

Show Administrators In Search

Enable this to ensure Administrators do not appear in searches/ reports. 


Work Types

In this section you can also add work types if you are wanting to integrate pay rates into Rosterfy timesheets:


Please contact Rosterfy if you are wishing to use paid staff on your database.  


Photo Settings
Set a specific photo size for your user to upload. Find out more here.