What information can I see on a user's profile?

A users profile provides Details, Additional Information, Checkpoints, Event Involvement, Groups, SMS History, Email History and Newsletter History. 


A closer look 

At the top of a users profile, you will see their profile picture (if applicable), with their full name, followed by their location (based of their home address) and Rosterfy ID

You can also see a quick snapshot of the date the user was last logged in and number of applications. 



To the right of the profile picture section, you will find the shortcuts for Connect. From here you can perform tasks such as easily communicate with a user or add them to a shift. 

Please see below details for each Connect icon:



Details & Additional Info

By default, when you first see a users profile, you are on the 'Details' tab. This holds all information based on default Rosterfy fields such as email address, password, birthdate etc or anything you have toggled on in the Field Setup section within Registration Settings. All custom questions created in Question Manager that are on the registration form can be found on the 'Additional Info' tab. 



For accounts with mutli-page registration, the additional details tab will be separated by page title. To see more information related to that page, simply click on the page title. 




A checkpoint is an admin side user information point. You can add checkpoints to then cross off against users as they do certain actions. For example, have they picked up their uniform? Handed in their paperwork? This allows you to then generate lists of users based on these points and target staff accordingly.

You can manually updates Checkpoints against a user from their profile here: 


Alternatively, you can also bulk update checkpoint for a group within Group Manager or even update within Check In Mode

Please visit Checkpoint Manager to find out more. 


Event/Role Involvement 

Within this tab you can see an overview of the User's applications (including status eg. confirmed), User activity, week by week summary and you can download a PDF file of the user schedule:



Use the grey icon buttons in the top right of this tab to filter event involvement by status (filter/funnel icon), view a users Week by Week summary (calendar icon) or to download a User Schedule (download icon): 


Within each shift row, is a notepad and action button. Click the notepad button to see responses to any shift questions. Click the action button to perform either of the following functions: 

  • Send event email
  • Send all shifts event email
  • Send shift email
  • Send shift sms
  • Change Shift
  • Modify Shift Time

Find out more here about Change Shift and Modify Shift Time.

You are also able to track number of emails and sms sent to this user regarding a specific shift. 

User Applications  - summary of user activity. ie activity will have the signup, the confirm, if you withdraw, all interactions that change a status.

User Activity - each shift signup as it stands.  

Use the Groups tab to see what groups a user may be in. You can also add users to groups from here. 

SMS History 
View an overview of SMS sent and received for this specific user. This includes the sent or received date, content and the status eg. delivered. 

Email History 
View an overview of Emails sent to this specific user. This includes the sent date and time, subject line of the email, content, email preview, status and email activity statistics.

Newsletter History 
View an overview of Newsletters sent to this specific user. This includes the subject line of the newsletter, newsletter preview, status and newsletter activity statistics.

View a list of completed training modules by this specific user. Find out more here

Communications History & Admin Log
There are two new tabs available within the User Profile. Find out more here