Getting Started

Welcome to Rosterfy, please follow our quick on-boarding guide below to set up your Rosterfy account.


  1. Workflow Session
  2. Account Setup Training Session
  3. Second Training Session 
  4. Go Live

Step One: Account Settings - Create a personal look and feel.

Prepare your branded images (see below) and select your account color and secondary account color using HEX color code.






 Step Two: Registration - Finalize your Workforce Registration Form       

  1. Choose to use a one page or multi page registration form.
  2. Select the fields you need the user to see on the registration form.
  3. Add your own custom questions.
  4. Preview your Registration Form to ensure it meets your requirements.



 Step Three: Pages & Phrases - Set your Page Templates and Phrases       

  1. Write your Registration Page Text.
  2. Add your Registration Terms & Conditions.
  3. Write your Post User Registration Page Text.
  4. Write some Portal Welcome Text.
  5. Update any language or phrasing within Rosterfy to fit your brand (e.g. Volunteers instead of Users or Opportunities instead of Events). 

Step Four: Communications - Complete your Email Templates

  1. Upload your Header Banner Image (Recommended size 640px x 200px).
  2. Upload your Footer Banner Image (Recommended size 640px x any height).
  3. Write a User Registration confirmation email.

Note: To personalize each email, Rosterfy has the ability to insert mail merge tags.



We want your event to be a success no matter what challenges you face. Make use of our various online support features and industry leading knowledge base at anytime. We are the workforce management experts and by your side every step of the way.