Direct Login Link

Instead of requesting your users log in before viewing a specific landing page, you can generate a Direct Login Link to skip the sign in step and arrive directly at the relevant landing page.

When writing a new email or creating a new email template, use the unlock icon as below to generate a direct login link:  


A pop up will appear where you will paste the complete landing page URL:  



Press generate to create a link to this page directly from the email. Once you have generated the link, it should look something like this: 


 Simply copy the entire link to paste within your email as a link or button. 


Please don't hesitate to contact us if you require assistance with direct login links. 

Direct login links will not work from Newsletters or if you try to send them outside of Rosterfy transactional emails. 

Please note: Direct login links give direct access to a users account from their email using a unique, one time use URL. Please ensure you educate your users on this. If a user forwards the email with the link to another person, that person will have access to the portal of the original user if they have not yet clicked the link